Resolve the Conflicts

Recommendation 3

Require all principals to enforce these new policies with programming to create communities of respect within their schools.

The District should explicitly task all principals to create a community of respect within their schools, and then track their success in this area.

3.1 Each school in the District should adopt an anti-discrimination and anti-harassment policy consistent with Policy No. 248, as the Department of Justice negotiated at South Philadelphia High School.
3.2 Each school in the District should adopt a procedure for reporting discrimination and harassment, as has been done at South Philadelphia High School.
3.3 Peer mediation programs should be mandated in all high schools and middle schools. Mediation with supervision, adult mediation with trained school staff, and mediation through the Commission should also be made available in all schools.
3.4 All schools should implement restorative justice practices in the aftermath of conflicts.
3.5 All high schools and middle schools should be required to create student committees to address intergroup relationships and conflicts.
3.6 All schools should be encouraged to partner with their neighborhood-based organizations that deal with intergroup conflicts and language access challenges.