Resolve the Conflicts

Recommendation 4

Effectively evaluate and respond to reported incidents.

When credible reports of intergroup conflicts are received, District and school personnel must be proactive and seek to promote open lines of communication, listen attentively to students (both victims and offenders) and their parents, promote dialogue, and impose a discipline program that is corrective rather than solely punitive.

4.1 Incidents of intergroup conflicts should trigger a whole-school dialogue to address what happened, give students a voice and a forum to talk about their experiences and to address stereotypes, and to persuade offenders to take responsibility and make amends.
4.2 Restorative justice practices should, where appropriate, include structured group dialogues, such as victim impact panels, victim-offender conferencing, and community group conferencing.
4.3 Discipline imposed upon offenders should be constructive and commensurate with the conduct.
4.4 The District should provide counseling and other social services for victims, offenders, and witnesses to harm, to address trauma inside the school.