Track the Conflicts

Recommendation 5

Create a clear path for all students, teachers, parents, and administrators to report incidents of intergroup conflict.

For the District to effectively resolve and prevent intergroup conflicts, it must first be made aware of them. Students and parents should be—and faculty and staff required—to report all incidents of suspected intergroup conflicts.

The District needs to establish and publicize a simple reporting procedure so students and parents know where to go when conflicts occur, and what to do if students and parents are not able to access language services that are mandated by law. These procedures should exist in each and every school in the District.

5.1 Each school in the District should be required to maintain a written record of every complaint of discrimination or harassment, as negotiated by the Department of Justice at South Philadelphia High School.
5.2 For all incident reports relating to school climate, school discipline, and bullying, schools must track whether the alleged conduct was based on gender, age, race, color, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, religion, disability, socioeconomic status, or political beliefs.
5.3 All written records of all incident reports should be maintained and relevant data and statistics regularly tracked. This type of tracking is vital so the District can monitor its progress going forward.
5.4 The School District Compliance Officer should be made responsible for ensuring that all schools are properly reporting these incidents and maintaining their records, and for annually publishing relevant statistical data.