Prevent Future Conflicts

Recommendation 9

Communicate effectively in all languages heard in our schools.

A key finding in our report is that language access is a significant barrier to reporting for many groups. The District must take steps to ensure that the system-wide awareness campaign we recommend incorporates the interpretation and translation services all individuals are legally entitled to receive.

9.1 The District should mandate professional development and training on language access for principals and staff in schools with significant percentages or growth percentages of immigrant students. Such training must emphasize that the District is mandated by law to provide language interpretation and translation services.
9.2 The District should conduct an inventory of language access services available, including a study of the utilization of and barriers to language access services.
9.3 The District should create a simple complaint procedure, to be adopted by each school in the District, for parents and students to use if they do not receive adequate interpretation and translation services.
9.4 All available vehicles (superintendent messages, union newsletters, press releases, reports about school safety and school improvement) should be utilized to provide information about language interpretation and translation services, how to access these services, and the procedures available to students and parents if the District fails to provide these services.
9.5 Links about language access, resources, and policies should be posted on the District's website on all relevant pages.
9.6 Posters and postings about language access policies should be placed in front offices of all schools, in cafeterias, on school entrances, and other common areas.